on-the-way diary 18.10.11

I right now understand how Sir. Đỗ Việt Anh and Mademoiselle Nguyễn Ông Thiên Hương both feel when they have to answer my questions all the time. Hence, I’m truly in bad mood.

One of my girls keeps asking me questions about the event, which immediately drove me crazy after chatting for a while. This is the first event she has organized; therefore, I understand that she lacks skills and experience. However, I can’t spend the whole night explaining to her since I am extremely busy solving problems. The more she wonders, the angrier I became. Finally, I had no choice but to stop her from bothering me 🙂

Oh well, she is just nineteen years old. When I was at that age, I also didn’t know a thing. Maybe this event fails, the thing that matters is the experience we together earn.

Good night, my kitten 🙂

P/S: More than 140 people has registered. I can’t believe it. Tomorrow, I will have to go from class to class to announce the event. Wish me luck ^^


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