Ychallenge 2012 Team Recruitment

Dear Ychallenge 2011 contestants,

Ychallenge is an international business case competition targeting young talents in Singapore and Vietnam, with a vision to become a bridge between talented youth and the business community in Vietnam, and to create a conducive platform where like-minded individuals (regardless of locations, nationalities, or backgrounds) can network, share, and work together in the joint effort to strengthen Vietnamese business competitiveness in local and global market.

Ychallenge 2012 is the sequel of Ychallenge 2011, partnered with SMU Case Writing Initiative and NUS Business School, having attracted more than 550 participants and drew attentions from some of the most successful corporations in Vietnam: Dong A Bank, Vinamilk, PNJ, VNG Corporation (formerly Vinagame), Becamex IDC, and McKinsey; The first brick of the Ychallenge series has been laid with an impact. Ychallenge 2012 aims to push the momentum one step further, closer to the ultimate creation of a platform to connect, empower, and inspire young Vietnamese people to take the lead, the Yplatform, which we have envisioned from the beginning.

To make Ychallenge 2012 possible, we need a dedicated organizing team with passion, teamwork, and talents. That is YOU, the YOUNG generation, the YOUTH who want to take the lead and make a difference for our home country – Vietnam.

If you find our vision compatible with yours (and we hope you do!), let’s join together in this journey.

For past Ychallenge participants in 2011, we believe this can be the time that you step one step further, reflecting from your experience in 2011 to see how we can make Ychallenge 2012’s experience better and more impactful for all those involved, and let’s join the journey to create all these things together. Your location does not matter much as long as you want to be part of our Ychallenge’s vision and make things happen, however, priority will be given to those currently staying in Singapore or Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam).

Just drop us an email at: ychallenge.join@yplatform.vn by 23 March 2012 with your resume/CV, interested positions, together with some preferred time slots for us to talk and exchange our passions!!! (we will arrange Skype sessions for those who are in Vietnam)

Please refer to the file at this link: http://docs.yplatform.vn/join_Ychallenge_2012.pdf for more detailed information about Ychallenge, and the opening positions.

For further enquiry, please do not hesitate to drop us an email at: ychallenge.join@yplatform.vn.

*** At Yplatform, it’s not so much about YOU joining US. It’s more that WE exchange our visions and passions, finding some common grounds, doing something together, and improvising along the way. That’s our spirit and we look forward to getting to know and talking to you soon!

With warmest regards,
Ychallenge 2012 | Yplatform


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