– 13.07.2012

1.| Hi, Nhu

We have processed your application and received all of the necessary paperwork for you to begin volunteering. You will begin receiving weekly emails with available opportunities. There are several volunteer opportunities available. I know you had expressed interest in Meals on Wheels. We have a great need for MOW drivers for the McLean routes and for the Vietnamese routes in Falls Church and Annandale. Would you like to start with MOW? Once I know what you’d like to start with, I will send you a follow-up email with the next steps.

Welcome aboard!
Jodi |.1

2.| Dear Nhu,

Voice of Vietnamese Americans is very happy to offer you a scholarship to attend the Vietnamese American Youth Education Conference 2012, with information in: http://vaylc.org/

Please confirm your attendance by filling out the information below and return by July 13:
Phone Number
Birth date
Social Security Number (necessary for State Dept. briefing)
How did you hear about this conference?
Are you currently involved in community service? If yes, please list them
What are three (3) issues of concern in your community?
What do you hope to get out of this Conference?

VAYLC 2012 Scholarships
Voice of Vietnamese Americans (VVA) is sponsoring a number of VAYLC attendees. The scholarship will cover the registration fee. VVA is a Fairfax, Va.-based, non-partisan group that promotes civic engagement in the Vietnamese American community. Individuals who demonstrate a strong interest in civic engagement, social justice, and community service should apply for this scholarship. Scholarship recipients must be willing to become a member of VVA and be willing to be a VVA liaison. |.2

3.| Thank you Nhu Phan for your interest in Ket Doan Summer Camp 2012.
We have updated your payment of $ 60 on 07/12/12 21:06.

Camper ID: KD12-xxxx
Registered date: 07/07/12 08:57
Approved date: 07/07/12 15:22
Camp fee: $ 60
Payment received: $ 60
Balance due: $ 0

You will be required to sign a waiver form when you check in at camp.
See you in August,
Camp staffs |.3


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