Something about my grandma…

A long time ago, I didn’t like my grandmother for many reasons, one of which was that she was too hot-tempered and unreasonable. Forgetting what she’d just asked me to help, she kept telling me to do other tasks and got angry at me when things couldn’t be accomplished on time, as if it had been my fault. Besides, as soon as she realized that my younger brother and I were arguing, teasing, poking, or fighting with each other, she would immediately demand me to STOP and YIELD since I was two years OLDER, which was obviously NOT FAIR. She, hence, was the one who drove me mad and made me cry, and I always thought that I couldn’t stand her any longer.

To be honest, my grandmother is magnificent. Her short curly hair looks attractive; her brown eyes are enormous; and in spite of wrinkles, her soft healthy skin feels perfect. Moreover, not only is she of moral fiber, but she is also smart and determined. The story about her life is truly admirable, which has inspired me to believe that I can achieve whatever I apply myself to. I, however, hadn’t known anything about her until five years ago, when I had my first boyfriend.

We were both studying in high school, jobless and flat broke; therefore, I suggested we go visit my grandmother. I had no idea that it would turn out to be beyond my wildest dream. REALLY. Every weekend, we peacefully enjoyed fresh fruit while playing the Vietnamese horse race chess (cờ cá ngựa) at her house. Soon after that, she surprisingly became my secret counselor, who would never betray my trust. We talked to each other for hours on end about guys, and she did give me a lot of priceless pieces of advice. Nevertheless, what I appreciated the most was her own story, with painful failures and meaningful lessons. Little by little, our intimate relationship blossomed.

Last November, during my trip to Vietnam, we usually had lunch together. Despite having a maid, she herself still prepared each and every nourishing meal for me. Then, on her comfortable bed, we often chatted until I fell asleep. In order to keep the lid on our stimulating conversations, she didn’t allow my grandfather to take a nap in their bedroom. He, thus, had to sleep on the couch instead, while I experienced a whole range of feelings…

Our story doesn’t stop there.

After coming back to the U.S., one time, I caught a cold and coughed violently when I was talking to her on the phone. It made her beside herself. She knew I didn’t have insurance, so without hesitation, she, from Vietnam, sent me a full huge box of pills right away. In fact, I might have bought those medicines anywhere, anytime, it was my laziness that stopped me, but how come she be that awfully sweet?

Another time, she became anxious because my twenty-year-old car broke down again. Open-handedly, she was willing to lend me ALL her LIFE savings, so that I could buy a better car and stop worrying about this problem. All in all, there’s absolutely no doubt that she can sacrifice everything for me.

I love her, although she’s still the one who can move me to tears.
I love her, although she’s still forgetful, hot-tempered and unreasonable.
I love her, and will always love her, just the way she is.
And yes, I can stand her today, tomorrow, forever…

QuynhNhu Phan


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