– 25.05.2013

Whenever I meet someone, he or she usually asks me what I am doing and which school I am going to. As soon as they know I’m studying at a community college, they seem to look down on me. Or if he or she is a Vietnamese, they’re likely to wonder why I’m not working at a nail salon.

If you don’t volunteer, nor participate in any mentoring programs, nor attend any conventions, you will never have to introduce yourself and you won’t feel as bad as I have been.

A few hours ago, I realized that I should have felt proud instead. I’m old, but I still have a dream and dare to follow it. The ones I’m having lunch or dinner with are lawyers, doctors, council members, communication specialists, etc. Of course, there are many people who have turned me down, but as long as I keep seeking, asking, learning, I…

Probably, it will take me more than eight years to have a Ph.D. I haven’t started yet, but isn’t it great to plan ahead, to read journals, to be surrounded with professors, graduate and postdoctoral students?

In a word, be strong, and stop comparing!


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