Dulin United Methodist Church – English as a Second Language classes

My mom couldn’t speak English, nor drive a car. She, hence, didn’t have any jobs. As you can imagine, life couldn’t be more boring when we just moved here. Of course, we always laughed, but I knew for sure my beloved mom was not happy.

Soon after she started to go to an English class, I saw her read books, watch movies, listen to audio stories, as well as send emails to her empathic teachers. She did apply herself to her own homework. That’s when I saw her smiling. She had a goal to endeavor. She had someone to talk to. She had something to do.

And that’s crucial, you know!

[…] Hence, I’m standing here to officially thank you for being generous and for sharing, thank all the teachers for your invaluable time and efforts, thank all the volunteers for the hot cacao every morning. 

Also, I appreciate you making my mom happy. It’s not something I can do./.


Dulin United Methodist Church – English as a Second Language classes 

When my friends suggested me taking a free English class at a church, I didn’t believe him. I just couldn’t believe it. I thought either he was putting me on, or he was too naive. But it’s real. For more information about the classes that my mom and I took, please visit this link.

My teachers are warm-hearted, knowledgeable, passionate. They just love to teach, and they have been volunteered to teach at this church for years. Carole, for example, always encourages me to practise writing in English. In order to help correct my pronunciation, she could stay at the church for another thirty minutes after the class. Audrey, on the other hand, usually makes sure that we have something such as a pencil or a sticker on special occasions. My classmates and I adore them. You can tell the difference between the ones who work for money and the ones who don’t, can’t you?

Everyday, we study grammar, learn new words and idioms, read stories, play games, or sing songs. It is extremely fun. Besides, my friends, who are from Korea, Venezuela, Brazil, Spain, France and Japan, share many surprising cultural facts with me. My experience can be anything but dull.

ESL Sunday is a chance that we can express our profound gratitude to the donors. I asked Pastor Dave if I could deliver a brief speech, and he allowed me to. I was scared at first, but somehow I managed to share with them the story about my mom and me. In the end, some people came and thanked me for letting them know how meaningful the classes were, and they were glad to assist us.

I were able to get to ENG 111, thanks to them!


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