Thì Tương Lai Đơn


* Cách dùng thì TƯƠNG LAI ĐƠN

– Sự thật khách quan cụ thể hoặc chung chung, xảy ra trong tương lai hoặc hiện tại

Something is wrong.  The doorbell won’t ring!
The battery is dead; the car won’t start.
It will float because it’s made of wood.
The tape won’t stick.  Why don’t you clean the area to be taped first?
It won’t be sunny tomorrow.

Suy nghĩ, tiên đoán chủ quan về tương lai (thường dùng với động từ think, suppose, believe, expect, wonder, v.v…)

My professor thinks Sue will go bankcrupt soon.
Nobody knows who will get admitted to Harvard.
Hurry up and you will finish the project in just one week.
I can promise you, you will regret your decision.

– Quyết định được đưa ra thình lình ngay tại thời điểm nói, không sắp xếp, chuẩn bị trước

My husband will pay for the dinner by cash.
Wait, I will give you a lift.
You are hungry, aren’t you? I will make dinner.
I am tired.  I will practice the piano later.

Lời hứa

I will never let you go.
I promise I will do homework this weekend.
I will see what I can do, but I can’t promise anything.
You may rest assured that we will make every effort to find your son.

Lời mời mọc (câu hỏi)

Will you marry me?
Will you go to prom with me?
Will you be my bridesmaid?

Lời nhờ vả, ra lệnh

Will you turn down the radio!
You will do as I say.
You will feed my cats while I’m abroad, won’t you?
Will you leave me alone, please?

Thể hiện nguyện vọng, mong muốn, sự sẵn lòng hoặc không sẵn lòng làm gì đó 

We won’t watch any more horror movies.
I won’t go to bed until you read me a story.
His parents won’t lend us money.
This child won’t eat noodle soup.

– Mệnh đề IF loại 1

I will tell you what has happened to me if you promise me to keep it confidential.
If you ask your mentor, he will help you find great internships.
If we have enough time, we will bake cookies.
My aunt won’t go to college unless she earns a full-ride scholarship.

TÀI LIỆU THAM KHẢO Simple Future Tense. Http://
Oxfors Learner’s Dictionary. Will.


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