Hair and Makeup Artists in or close to Exeter


Thanks for visiting my page.  My name is QuynhNhu, and I am a Vietnamese girl who has immigrated to the States in my twenties.  While studying abroad in England, I met my now-fiance.  He proposed to me last December, and since then, I have been planning our wedding from across the ocean.

What makes this process so challenging is that many wedding suppliers are not good at promoting their services.  Now that I have successfully booked my hair and makeup artist, I feel obliged to share this list with future brides and grooms.  Hopefully, this list will make your planning easier, and that you will not regret your decisions solely because you are not fully aware of all of your options.

QuynhNhu Phan

Makeup Artists


Hair and Makeup Artist

If you have found this list helpful, you may want to take a look at this list of Devon-based florists, photographers, and venues as well.


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